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Mrs. Oliver’s Bridal Expos

“Often imitated, never duplicated!




November 12, 2017

11am – 4pm

Shrine Hall

204 N. Madison Avenue Lebanon Mo. 65536 


January 13, 2018

11am – 4pm

  Location: TBD


                                                                                                                                     February 24, 2018

11am – 4pm 

VFW Post 534

110 E. Veterans Way Joplin Mo. 64801



Hello thank you for wanting to attend our show!



Our shows are highly attended by vendors because we care as much about our vendors and promoting YOU, as we do the brides!

Please click on the “About Us” tab to read more about why we do bridal shows! Cruise through our entire website to learn all about our shows and why our vendors come back!



We have 4 booths per vendor type until our pre-registered brides list exceeds 100 brides. At this time we then add 1 booth space per every 25 brides.



We would love for all of you to attend our show, unfortunately our booth spaces fill quickly! If you send in a contract request and we are full for your type of service, we will keep your request in the order they were received. If a vendor contract does not get returned to us, or we add additional booth spaces, you will then receive an email containing the vendor information.



We try to email you a notification containing why you have not received contracts if you are; added to a waiting list or are a vendor type such as some of the direct sales that only allow 1 vendor per show and we already have that booth filled. Due however to the large volume of request sometimes this takes a bit of time to get all emails out.


If you are a direct sales or any type of business/vendor that has a rule of one vendor per event it is YOUR responsibility to notify us regarding this, it is not our responsibility to know the rules regarding your business.


If you do not notify us of this rule and double booking occurs, Mrs. Oliver’s Bridal Expos will not  be held responsible, nor will there be any reimbursement of booth fees and or other expenses you may incur.



There is no start date to request info for our shows. If you miss a show because booths have been filled, you can pre-request immediately for the next date!  Make sure to note that you want to be called for the next show date in that town in the comment box.


Because we have open request for contracts, the exact date for the next show may not be available at the time of your request. We try to keep our dates as close to the same date and month as possible,  but because our shows are always growing, occasionally we may need a change of venue, or require a larger space within a venue, this could require us to adjust our date accordingly.


When you receive a contract for a pre-requested show and you find you cannot attend on that date, please notify us immediately so we may send information to the next  waiting vendor.




You can attend one or all of our shows, but you must send a request for each individual show making sure to fill in the correct town!






When you attend Mrs. Oliver’s Bridal Expos you are not just another vendor, you are part of the family!

“Without the brides there are no vendors, without the vendors there are no brides, they walk hand in hand.”

                                                                                                                                                            Angelia Oliver