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Trouble with a Vendor from our show? We want to know

We only want to bring you true and caring professionals. If at anytime we have a vendor at our show that does not meet what you agreed on when hiring them, and makes no attempt at rectifying the situation, we would like to know.

If we find that there are in fact valid reasons for your dissatisfaction, and or multiple complaints we do not want, nor will we allow a disreputable vendor to attend our shows.

If you should ever run into this situation notify us immediately. Fill out the form below and submit it. We will review the situation. This will only bring this vendor to our attention so we don’t ask them to attend our show again and disappoint another bride.

We will also not recommend this vendor or refer other brides or vendors to utilize their service. Unfortunately that’s as far as we are permitted to go. If this occurs before your event we may be able to recommend a alternate trusted vendor for your day. Any further action against a vendor will be up to you.

This form is only for the intent of our organization not promoting vendors that do a professional service as we pride ourselves on highly promoting reputable, respectable, caring professionals.


Trouble With a Vendor
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