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Exhibit with us!



Why Exhibit With Us?

We have been attending and hosting bridal shows since 2010. Through the years we have attended as an exhibitor and found what we did and didn't like, listened to what the other vendors and attendees did and didn't like, and listened to our vendors at our shows. Each year we expand, grow and add or subtract things from our show to not only make it the best show for our brides, but for you the vendors.

You will not find over saturation of your vendor type at our shows. We offer 4 booths per vendor type for the first 100 registered brides. We then open up one booth space for every additional 30 brides. You must of course have competition in business to keep sparking the desire to offer the customer your best work, but you must also be able to book clients to make your bridal show experience worthwhile.

Vendors that have exhibited repeatedly with us, have expressed that they think our shows are extremely organized, well ran, that we make every exhibitor feel welcome and important no matter what their business size or how many years they have been in business. These same vendors have attended some of the very large shows, and have expressed to us that they love our show because it's a bit more intimate and they are able to take the time to talk engagingly to every bride that attends.



Each Show We Get Bigger!

With every show over the years we have grown at a steady pace. Our goal while growing is to always keep the same ideals in mind.

  • To give exhibitors an avenue where the show is affordable, and exhibitors have the opportunity to promote themselves to brides, no matter what size or age their company is!
  • To create the best experience possible for our brides, and for you our vendors!


Make sure you visit the News & Media, and the Our Exhibitors tabs to see more about us, and the exhibitors attending the show!



Exhibitor Guidelines.

  • Booths are first come first serve. Your booth is not reserved until the booth fee is received.
  • Booths are 8x10. You may purchase a double booth space!
  • Electricity is included
  • Pipe & Drape is included
  • Table & Chairs are included (Per availability at venue. You will be notified if venue does not have tables and chairs available to us.)
  • Exhibitors get a 1/2 page color or b&w ad placement in our "Brides Book"
  • Exhibitors get promotional material placement in the "Brides Goodie Bags"
  • Set-up time the day before the show (per availability at venue)
  • Exhibitors breakfast day of the show
  • Concessions will be sold. (You are encouraged to utilize the concessions. A full meal deal including drink will be offered for $8 or under. Ala carte items also available.)
  •  Exhibitors are encouraged to donate prizes and to hold drawings at your booth
  • Exhibitors receive registered brides list within a week after the show

Please read your exhibitors packet as it will answer many of the questions about the show you will have. The exhibitors packet will also list all the above show perks and details.

You will receive exhibitors packet 24-48 hours after registering and booth fee is received.


If you need to reach us immediately regarding the show, registration, or invoicing, feel free to email us directly at: MrsOliversBridalExpos@gmail.com, or you can call or text Angelia at: 417.844.2166


Note: Booth fees are non-refundable

Shows are rain, shine, or snow. Exhibitors who cancel, or do not attend the day of the show for any reason, will forfeit the booth fee.

If for any reason a show is canceled, or rescheduled on our part you will have a standing credit to use at any of our future shows. 

Shows are always rain or shine, unless we feel the weather would be extremely dangerous to our exhibitors or brides.





Basic Booth

Our basic booth includes:

  • Everything listed in the above Exhibitor Guidelines
  • Show for basic booth exhibitors is from 11am-3pm
  • Brides traffic is directed in a fashion that there are no BAD booths. Each bride will pass your booth. (We put a lot of planning into booth placement so that each booth gets visits from every show attendee.)
  • Pictures will be taken of you with your booth, when your set up is complete. (Copies of this picture can be obtained by contacting us with a request for a copy at MrsOliversBridalExpos@gmail.com.)

All basic booths must be set up and ready  by 10:30am for booth photos.

Doors open promptly at 11am. A Doors opening announcement will be made to inform exhibitor's of the start of the show.

Exhibitors will not teardown booth before 3pm.

  • At 3pm we ask, if there are still brides in the venue that have not yet passed your booth, please refrain from tearing down until they have visited you and have traveled at least 2 booth spaces past your booth.
  • All brides pay for entry, and should receive the same quality of show, whether they are the first bride through or the last out.
  • Please don't make our brides feel rushed. If brides are still visiting booths within 2 booths around you please refrain from tearing down until they have moved further down the row. When you begin to tear down, please do so quietly so exhibitors still visiting with brides, and the brides themselves have a pleasant show experience.
  • If a exhibitor begins to tear down early or is disrupting, or too loud while tearing down their space, the exhibitor may not be permitted or invited to attend a future show.

Your exhibitors packet will contain complete information and show itinerary.


Bucks For Brides

Each bride attending the "Elite Brides Cocktail Hour" will receive $500 in brides bucks, "Registered Brides" will receive $300, and walk-in brides receive $150. These bucks will be in $50 increments. They are equivalent to a discount for that amount towards your services & products. Brides will be allowed to spend these during the show. Our only rule is they MUST be used at the show.

You as vendors get to make up your rules for using:

  • If you choose to participate you get to decide how much each bride can spend at your booth.
  • The rules for spending.
  • You can say does, or does not apply to deposit.
  • If you offer more than one service maybe you will accept all $500 but only $100 off of each type of service you offer.
  • For example you can choose to do $50 off a $150 purchase etc...
  • Whether it can only be used for certain services. ETC...
  • We encourage everyone to participate in the Brides Bucks at whatever level you can support.

The rules are up to you as only you know what your business can support!


Elite Brides Cocktail Hour

Elite Brides Cocktail Hour is from 9:00am-11am

Direct Sales Exhibitors: Please Note!

Direct sales companies are not permitted to attend this portion of our show.

We are reserving this time for wedding services exhibitors only.

Reason: Direct Sales Companies have a rule only one consultant can attend a show. This means that Direct Sales exhibitors have no direct competition. At all bridal shows there can be 5 photographer's, 7 DJ's, 4 wedding planners etc... This special cocktail hour allows these companies to have the opportunity for one hour to stand out from the competition.

We love our direct sales exhibitors and hope that each of you can understand the reasoning behind this rule!


Elite booths include:

  • Limited competition. Only 2 booths per vendor type will be available for this time and no direct sales exhibitors
  • Includes all Perks of the basic booths listed above.
  • Spotlight on your business. Each exhibitor tells what services they offer, what makes their business unique, and what their services and expertise brings to the bride.
  • 45 minutes of one on one time with the brides before regular show starts at 11am.
  • Brides will continue to pass your booth first even after regular show opens at 11am
  • Photo Op Wall With YOUR Logo. Brides will be required to post their picture immediately on Facebook & Instagram. (Logo on photo op is an additional $20)
  • Full page color or B&W ad of your choice and design for your business.
  • Ads will be placed first in the brides book ahead of basic booth ads.

Vendors are required to donate a prize valued at $150 or more. Prizes cannot be % off services. Prizes can be gift cards, a dollar amount off services, free services, gift baskets etc...

All perks details and cocktail hour itinerary will be included in your exhibitors packet.




The Exhibitor Who...

Refers the most vendors who sign on for this show will receive:

A FREE booth at our next show!

(Make sure to tell exhibitors to say you referred them on their registration form!)

The Exhibitor Who...

Promotes the show to brides the most through, word of mouth, social media, signs in their store front etc..

Will receive:

A FREE booth at our next show!

(Please make sure you are telling brides to say your referred them on their registration form)