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Registerd Brides Goodies

Register today so you don’t miss out! Our registered brides get all the goodies!

These items are exclusively for registered brides!

Exclusive drawings for premium prizes, some worth thousands of dollars!

Swag bags from The Knot. These bags are filled with the latest copy of The Knot magazine, tons of discounts, coupons, and other goodies from our amazing vendors. Each bag includes a VIP card valued at $200 that can be used towards resort & hotel fees, car rentals, air fare, and more. 10 bags will have VIP cards valued at $2000

Special games just for registered brides.

Any registered bride voting 5 times (=$5) for their favorite military branch at this years shows, will receive a entry in an exclusive registered brides only drawing for a flat screen TV! ( Votes are $1 bill per vote all proceeds go to the Veterans)

Any registered bride that brings 4 adult guest will receive a extra entry for the premium prize drawings! (Guest must pay entry. Guest can win door prizes!)

We’ll make your day amazing!

Our shows will…

Our shows will bring you together in one place with top notch award winning professionals. There is no better way to meet the professionals, and find all the items you need for a beautiful wedding.  Amazing up and coming professionals. Prizes to enjoy, use for your wedding, the honeymoon, or the start of your life as husband and wife!

When you leave our shows you will leave equipped with knowledge, ideas, prizes, and a variety of vendors to make your day truly a celebration to remember!

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(We highly encourage this. Enjoy all the fun and perks of being engaged and the bride to be!)

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We are looking forward to seeing you at our shows!

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