Behind The Scenes!

Mrs.Oliver’s Bridal Expos

“Often imitated, never duplicated!”



Have you ever wondered what it takes to put together and host a bridal show?

This is a funny look at just what it takes!

Be sure to come back here after each of our shows we will constantly be changing, and adding new pictures and videos!

To put together a fun and successful bridal show everything starts 6 months before show day. First you must find your venue, build a budget for the show, design the floor plan for where the vendors will set up, where the fashion shows will be and the look for them, concessions, eating and seating areas, and the décor for the show.

Next step is calling hundreds of people, vendors, place to get prize donations, and people for any other outside items needed for the show… whew!

This continues all the up to 3 days before the show!

2 days before the show the fun begins!

All the show décor is set, stages for the fashion shows, pipe & drape for the entire show including vendors booths, tables, tablecloths, chairs, everything is set and ready for vendors arrival.



It’s 1 day before the show and now the fun begins!


Vendors arrive to set up for the show.



After the vendors set up we have a vendor meet & greet party!

At this party vendors get all the itinerary for show day, get introduced to Mrs. Oliver’s if this is their first show with us, meet each other, exchange business cards, eat food, play games, and WELL….. You just never know!







It’s the day of the show!

Any vendor that didn’t set up sat arrives early to set up. Once everyone is set up and ready for the show  vendors have some down time and sometimes….

We do last minute adjustments, visit, catch up on social media, or catch a cat nap!

Sometimes the models are ready and their family wants some photos.

Sometimes we take pictures of each other or our booths….. and sometimes you find later you had a photo bomber!

Sometimes its just selfie time!

Sometimes if you have a lot of time you start playing with apps!

And sometimes there are just no words!!!