About Us



Mrs. Oliver’s Bridal Expos

“Often imitated, never duplicated!”



Why we do what we do.

We started our bridal shows in 2012 with the idea that we wanted to give our brides a great experience. But we also wanted to give our vendors a great experience. We currently host shows yearly in three towns and may add one more location.

We strive to bring a wide variety of vendors to our brides. We also pride ourselves on having some of the best vendors in the business! The vendors that attend our shows believe in professional friendly service. While any business needs and wants to make money the vendors that are drawn to our shows also care greatly about you our brides, and giving you the best service and experience possible!


Why our show?

We care about you our brides and work very hard to bring you one on one with your wedding day vendors. We also work hard to bring in as much prize donations as possible for each show. These prize donations come from outside donations and from our very generous vendors.

We also strive to give you an amazing all day experience. We want you to enjoy your experience being a bride to be! Another thing we try to do is make you feel valued and a part of our wedding show family. We want you to leave happy, excited, informed, and ready to travel through the wedding planning experience.

We also do bridal fashion shows at our events very rarely will you find bridal shows that do fashion shows. We want you to see fist hand what you and your bridal party an look like on your wedding day, as well as see the latest styles and trends, learn how to pair styles, lengths, and colors together; and leave confident in picking and pairing your wedding day attire.


We also believe that no matter what the budget all brides should experience the excitement and thrill of preparing for their day. Each bride should be able to win amazing prizes, see fashions, talk to vendors, gain knowledge, seek out advice and guidance, and find great deals generously given the day of the show by truly caring and always totally professional vendors.


We also only want to bring you true and caring professionals. If at anytime we have a vendor at our show that does not meet what you agreed on when hiring them and makes no attempt at rectifying the situation we would like to know about this. If we find that there are valid reasons for your dissatisfaction, and or multiple complaints we do not want, nor will we allow a disreputable vendor to attend our shows.

If you should ever run into this situation notify us immediately by clicking on the “issue with a vendor” tab fill out the form and submit it and we will review the situation. This will only bring this vendor to our attention so we don’t ask them to attend our show again and disappoint another bride. We will also not recommend this vendor or refer other brides or vendors to them. Unfortunately that’s as far as we are permitted to go. If this occurs before your event we may be able to recommend a alternate trusted vendor for your day.



Our shows are set up to be a all day event come to one show or come to all! Always make sure to pre-register for our shows so you have a chance at winning a amazing premium prize!

See you at the show!